Dominique Corbeel

Strong management for businesses and athletes

Management Solutions is an experienced partner in the management of enterprises and athletes around the world.

Our business platform rests on 3 strong pillars:

Business management:

Our senior managers love to be in the field, not only behind a desk. That’s where we can feel what’s really buzzing in your company.

With a hands-on mentality and a result driven mindset, our consulting/interim managers support your SME or multinational with the issues on your security, facility and logistic departments.

We believe that the goals you pursue for your company are best achieved with a tailor-made action plan. A transparent plan that focuses on simple but achievable results.

With an open mind and an extensive knowledge on business operations, legislation, and all types of quality standards we have a look at the total picture.

Sports Management.

Athletes can count on our support and knowledge for all their non-sportive activities.  

For example: marketing, events, logistics, sponsorship, communication, legal and financial advice.

Beach Academy

We promote all beach sports.

More specific:

  • We organize trainings and internships
  • We help launch sports organizations
  • We give advice in medical revalidation
  • We organize individual and group workouts
  • We provide you with advice on the management of your sport infrastructure

Bezoek onze website:

An Cleuren

Ergo Ac
>>> +32 486 73 62 67

André Claessens

Traiteur Claessens André
>>> +32 485 45 12 32

David Enckels

Pesci's Pet Supplies
>>> +32 498 52 73 35

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