Jens Verbesselt

Garage Trading is a Belgian firm founded in 1989 by Thierry Verbesselt. As a local Ford dealership, the core business of the company is to provide an excellent custom built service to it's customers. This being the general mission through the various activities Garage Trading carry through: being a service point for all it's current / potential clients in terms of mechanical work, body work, sales, automotive questions and concerns, technologie questions, etc. 

The vision of Garage Trading is simple. The company believes and strives for long term relationships with it's customers simply by listening to them. Putting the needs of customers first, including clients in the firms business activities, results in high end custom built service.

Bezoek hier onze website:

An Cleuren

Ergo Ac
>>> +32 486 73 62 67

André Claessens

Traiteur Claessens André
>>> +32 485 45 12 32

David Enckels

Pesci's Pet Supplies
>>> +32 498 52 73 35

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